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Yeah Yeah Yeahs w/ Grand Ole Party | First Ave | 5/30

Grand Ole Party is very fun on LP, and they were just as fun live.


Thank you Karen O! I swear she came from 1977.

*Look at that swagger!

Yeah Yeah Yeahs put on a great show. I especially like their newer stuff from “It’s Blitz.” It’s got a very new wave feel.


-special thanks to Minnscene for the photos-


Doves w/ Wild Light | Varsity | 5/28


There’s nothing about Wild Light that makes me think differently about music, but sometimes that’s okay. They’re just a good indie rock band. That’s that.


Doves was great. It’s been years since I’ve wanted to see them. That’s a lot of anticipation, and I was worried my hype for them wouldn’t be compensated with as good of a show as I could expect in my head. It met my expectations.

-special thanks to Minnscene for the photos-

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The Harlem Shakes w/ Military Special | Fine Line | 5/19


Military Special is a decent indie band from Minneapolis. They put on a good show for no audience.


I really enjoy The Harlem Shakes. They put on a better show than I thought they would. There were not very many people at the show. It was kind of weird. Oh well. Hopefully there’s better booking next time because a lot of people would enjoy their set.

-special thanks to Minnscene for the photos-

The Kills w/ The Horrors & Magic Wands | First Ave | 5/11

Magic Wands were very charming. They’re my kind of pop music.

*Yes he is wearing a Jesus and Mary Chain shirt….no this is not The Jesus and Mary Chain….though they could’ve fooled me!

I think most people at the show were afraid of The Horrors, or at least they really didn’t know what to think. The Horrors came out and plastered on the noise. I’m sure they’re sick of being compared to an obvious influence, but they really do perfect the noise much like The Jesus and Mary Chain (and others too…this is just the really obvious one). They were very cool, to say the least.


Then came The Kills. I was super disappointed seeing them because I was expecting new wave revivalists The Killers……just kidding! The Kills came out in absolute style and killed (pun not intended?) with their rootsy punk sound. Hotel is the jerk that took Kate Moss from me. VV is that dirty girl I’ve always wanted.

*See what I mean?

-special thanks to Minnscene for the photos-