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Crystal Method w/ L.A. Riots | First Ave | 6/7

L.A. Riots was okay. The music? Good. The performance? There virtually wasn’t one. It would’ve been way better if they put him on the damn floor so everybody could see him. He was upstairs in a balcony so everybody just thought it was the house music. Oh well. He was in a rush after his set, and he told me he was off to see the Lakers game. haha.


Crystal Method is a cool enough group. I’d just rather listen to them digitally. The show had a weird vibe to it, but maybe that’s because the 40-something-year-old next to me was dressed in bondage and on something good.

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Holy Fuck w/ Crocodiles | 7th Street Entry | 5/31

I didn’t make it to see Crocodiles. I was very bummed.


Holy Fuck. This was a good show. I love that they use analog casios and random stuff to makes their noises. I was bathed in sounds mixed with drums and bass. Mmmmmmmmm.

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