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Phoenix w/ Chairlift | First Ave & Fetus | 9/22


I actually got the pleasure of seeing Phoenix earlier in the day at The Electric Fetus. They played an acoustic set and then signed posters. It was a fun and intimate experience. Here is a snippet of their acoustic version of “1901.”

Later, Chairlift opened for them at First Ave. They were fun. I had the pleasure of seeing them at Lollapalooza where they gained my respect for covering Snoop Dogg’s “Sexual Eruption.” Everyone sang along to the “Apple commercial song,” but other than that it was a good set.


Phoenix was very fun. They played all their hits including my favourite “Too Young.” They were highly praised by the sold out crowd. You have no soul if this band doesn’t make you smile! Here are a couple videos from the show!

Phoenix – “Armistice”

Phoenix – “1901”

-special thanks to Minnscene for the videos-

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