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Girls w/ Dominant Legs | 7th Street Entry | 11/14

Dominant Legs seemed a little nervous at first, but they gradually showed confidence…especially when the two performed in the headlining band, Girls. Dominant Legs sang over beats from their drum machine and backing tracks. They primarily focused on guitar and vocals, while mixing in some minimal keys. At times it seemed like they could have played their instruments instead of just singing over them, but I understand how complex this can be at times…especially being they are only two people. It did let you concentrate more on their voices, and their voices were lovely so it all worked out.

If you like what you hear from these boys, then you like Girls. Their new album Album has been getting a lot of publicity, and their viral music video for “Lust for Life” helped a little too. Girls is being dubbed as one of this year’s best new artists.

They started off their set like a person holding a newborn baby’s head up, hoping they wouldn’t touch the “soft spot.” They pressed on in guitar-driven riffs, keeping a lo-fi and honest sound. Fun bass lines and drums kept the baby bouncing on the knee and smiling. Then finally the baby was dropped from the person because they were hit by a bus carrying a marching band of phasing noises. It was spectacular. Girls never did an encore. I’m sure they were anxious to get their high on.

If you haven’t already gotten Girls’ Album I recommend you do it now here.

Photos: Andrea Max Smith

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