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Solid Gold w/ The Hood Internet and Lookbook | First Avenue | 11/13





Lookbook is easily becoming a favorite band in Minneapolis. They consist of only two people. Grant Cutler designs the beats and layouts of the songs, and Maggie Morrison uses her awing vocals to astonish every listener. Be warned. They make your feet want to move to Cutler’s dance rhythms, but your head floats in Morrison’s melodies. You’re bound to tear apart unless you hold on to something. I recommend letting go. Your insides end up spilling out and forming a lucid dream, and in that dream you discover that Lookbook owns your soul like some attractive devil. Only it’s not really a devil. It’s the devil’s mother, and she’s actually quite nice. She bakes you cookies and strokes your hair until you fall asleep in her lap amidst the dreamy synthesized textures. When you come to, their song has just ended. You’re back where you were standing. This is when you realize you’ll never feel comfort again quite like when you let Lookbook take you. You can only hope to hear another song to ease any anxiety.

All in all, Lookbook is one of Minneapolis’ coolest electronic bands, and they are ridiculously refreshing to the local music scene. I highly recommend you go see them whenever you get a chance.




The Hood Internet is to mash-up what James Dean is to “cool.” They take your favorite indie artist to the street and turn it into a beat. Having just released The Mixtape Volume Four on Monday, they had some real treats off the album to throw at their audience. They might shock you with some of their mixes. If you thought you’d never hear Dead Prez and Grizzly Bear in the same song, let alone the same sentence, you need to see The Hood live.

Download The Mixtape Volume Four







Minneapolis has birthed a number of great bands who had success and respect over their careers, and Solid Gold will not pass the opportunity to be one of them. It’s been a frustrating ride for them at times, but they are now where any successful and respected Minneapolis band would be at…selling out First Avenue. Solid Gold recently participated in the Green Label Sound program with their single “Matter Of Time,” and they even opened for Chromeo (fellow Green Label Sound mate) in New York last month if that’s not a good enough indicator of the level they’re at. Solid Gold made everybody move to their dreamy dance-rock Friday night, and I’m sure they’ll have plenty more nights just like it.

Download Matter of Time

Photos: Andrea Max Smith

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