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The Big Pink w/ Crystal Antlers and Claps | 7th Street Entry | 11/25

There’s a new local band in town called Claps, and they opened the show. I didn’t make it down early enough to see their set, but I hear they’re making some good minimal synthesized music. I’ll be doing a review on them soon at another show so look for that in the upcoming month.

Straight outta Long Beach, Crystal Antlers came out and pulled the trigger on Minneapolis. From the reaction of everyone at the show it seemed like not too many people knew of Crystal Antlers, but towards the end of the show whoever didn’t know of this band and came with any sort of ego were certainly doubting their existence as a so-called “music head.” These fellers were great. Their set-up made them noisier live than I thought they would be, and it was a splendid surprise…m m mmmmm. The girl of the group was on keys, and the sounds she was making were haunting. It was somewhat reminiscent of The Horrors’ chilling noises (get ready for bad but relatable joke) that would make any crystal shatter (sorry). She had nice boots and a bad-ass sleeveless button-up too (because you were wondering). These Long Beach cats are tough mang. Aside from the great drums, there was a hip hop hipster percussing beats and jumping around like he was performing “Everyone Nose.” At first I was wondering if this was going to be a token black guy trick, but it really wasn’t. He added a lot to each song. The vocals and guitars were a perfect fit to their style. So if you lost these guys in the other “Crystal” bands or mistook The Antlers for them you’d better get your shit straight son. This is Crystal Antlers. Word.

Music from The Big Pink is like shoegaze with big beats. These guys are climbing their way up to being more hyped than TV on the Radio. Okay maybe that was a little much, but they are getting big fast. I’m sure they’re getting pink along the way too. The Big Pink came out in smoke and blinding light, and I thought my eyes were going to fall out. It was a good feeling that paired with my eardrums being blown off from the layering sounds that ensued. These guys are full of British swagger that stems down from early punk legends. They had a cute chick drumming, and everybody else was making noise, plucking minimal riffs, or just looking like they could kick your ass.

Here’s their set list…

If you were wondering….yeah, that is the “Sweet Dreams” Beyonce sings, and yeah, it was an awesome cover. I think Jay-Z would’ve even melted hearing it from these guys. “Pharrell” joined them for their last song, (I can’t believe it’s not in three car commercials right now) “Dominos.” These guys gave a great live performance. This is going to be a show that people are going to pride themselves for being at once The Big Pink is selling out First Ave in the future.

After the show the bands headed over to Clubhouse Jäger for Transmission, and The Big Pink did some guest DJing. I think everyone expected some rare British rock and post-punk music, especially since that’s what Transmission usually caters. Instead they heard 90’s jock jams. It was great. Most people were too drunk to care what they were dancing to anyways.

Check out what “cute drummer chick” thought of the night at Exceedingly Good Keex.

British Rock Is Always Top has a review, pics, and neat videos up.

  1. Sonjkwon The Chef
    November 27, 2009 at 3:07 am

    Drummer for the Big Pink is the definition of super fucking cute.
    That was a wonderful wonderful show.

  2. Sonjkwon The Chef
    December 1, 2009 at 8:17 pm

    “(I can’t believe it’s not in three car commercials right now)”

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