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Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros w/ Fool’s Gold | Varsity Theater | 11/29

Fool’s Gold was part indie world music and part “let’s get high and rock out maaaan.” I heard somebody say they sounded too much like a jam band. I can hear a little of that, but don’t worry….they’re nothing like Phish. Their singer reminded me of Elvis Costello meets the Blues Brothers so you know you can take them somewhat seriously. No hemp involved….that I noticed anyways. They liked to change instruments and bang this and that….not to mention there are 58 members. This is good for you if you have ADD. Their world music influence was cooked in modern guitar licks and singing. Overall the experience was good, and even the people who weren’t super into it at least had fun.

Supposedly there is an Ed Sharpe “superfan.” I talked to him outside, and he was concerned about me getting him to meet the band. What a weirdo. He met the right person though because he introduced the band. The lead singer of Edward Sharpe looks like what you would think of Russell Brand looking like if he moved to India. He sounded really soulful, and at times I heard a little Bowie. Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros matched Fool’s Gold in numbers, and two Minnesota natives (I’m pretty sure one of them was from local band Bella Koshka) joined them for most of their set. They helped out on strings. E Sharpe & the MZs offered good psych music and a hit song that made the awkward audience go ape-shit. It was a good performance none-the-less.

Thanks to Brody from British Rock is Always Top for the photo of Ed Sharpe.

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