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#rare moment tonight minneapolis

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Entry // GG, Food Pyramid & Elite Gs

Elite Gymnastics opened the show with one of the best performances I’ve seen from the band yet. They played in the dark the whole set so here is a #rare capturing moment of the guys.

There’s some “controversy” (for lack of better word) to their live shows, but I still don’t understand how some people don’t “get” it. These people must be the offspring of the idiots that hated Bob Dylan’s voice. There’s more to it than that Minneapolis. Maybe they just don’t have an internet connection? Well if you have one check out their site for slime knowledge and music:

Food Pyramid performed next. This was my first time seeing these guys. Very cool.

Gobble Gobble ended the show with a fucking orgy. These guys are insane.


Elite Gymnastics | Real Friends

Download this here. Congrats on getting on Pitchfork.

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