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Whole New Way Today

November 2, 2009 Leave a comment

The Horrors released their single “Whole New Way” today. They are also set to tour with Placebo in the UK. They have their song “Sea within a Sea” available for download in support of the tour and in support of their album, Primary Colours, put out earlier this year. If you want more free downloads, just visit here. Buy “Whole New Way” here.

The Horrors – Sea within a Sea
Get your fix here.

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The Horrors | Whole New Way

October 22, 2009 1 comment

The Horrors are set to release a new single entitled “Whole New Way” on November 2nd. They made a video for it.

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The Horrors w/ Crocodiles | Turf Club | 10/10

October 11, 2009 Leave a comment

This was all a person could ever want in a show….aside from the weird vibe I got from the attendees. There was raw energy and walls of noise. I just feel like people don’t really understand the whole noise thing. That’s okay though!

Ouija Radio, a local band, opened.

Then Crocodiles came out. I didn’t really know what to expect because when I went to Holy Fuck several months ago I missed their set. Damn. That was fun. They came at me with a clean noisy punk punch that made me want to take a time machine back to CBGB’s….as if I didn’t already want this.

The Horrors headlined. It’s okay knowing that I’ll never see The Jesus and Mary Chain live since I have a band like this to see. They came across much darker than they did playing for The Kills several months ago. They played a lot off their new album “Primary Colours.” I highly recommend seeing them. All in all, this show was really refreshing.

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The Kills w/ The Horrors & Magic Wands | First Ave | 5/11

Magic Wands were very charming. They’re my kind of pop music.

*Yes he is wearing a Jesus and Mary Chain shirt….no this is not The Jesus and Mary Chain….though they could’ve fooled me!

I think most people at the show were afraid of The Horrors, or at least they really didn’t know what to think. The Horrors came out and plastered on the noise. I’m sure they’re sick of being compared to an obvious influence, but they really do perfect the noise much like The Jesus and Mary Chain (and others too…this is just the really obvious one). They were very cool, to say the least.


Then came The Kills. I was super disappointed seeing them because I was expecting new wave revivalists The Killers……just kidding! The Kills came out in absolute style and killed (pun not intended?) with their rootsy punk sound. Hotel is the jerk that took Kate Moss from me. VV is that dirty girl I’ve always wanted.

*See what I mean?

-special thanks to Minnscene for the photos-